Sportmax - Tollcross

Tollcross International Swim Centre Retail Displays Revamped

We are very proud to be in partnership with Glasgow Life and their venue brand Glasgow Club, which operates all the major public sporting venues in Glasgow including Tollcross International Swim Centre.  Whilst they were having some works carried out on their roof we took the opportunity to fully revamp the retail displays.  The new freestanding pillars in the Glasgow Club corporate colour scheme are proving to be very flexible and popular, perfect for the approach to the reception desk.  We have dedicated each pillar to a part of the product range and have one for adult goggles, junior goggles, swim accessories and dryside product.  Eye-catching and functional!

The wall display, with its integrated lights, houses water shorts and jammers for men, boys and tots.  A variety of swimsuits for ladies, girls and tots along with a range of float vests, wraps and even wetsuits for little swimmers.  We have something for everybody!