The Swim Badge Stand

Swim schools are big business for our leisure centre partners. And Sportmax. The learn to swim market generates a big part of our sales through new goggles, swim toys and swimwear.

The “additional sale” of the swim award (usually a badge and certificate) is one of the simplest secondary spends a leisure centre can make – the kids have earned those badges and by gum they want their parents and guardians to buy them!

So why do so few leisure centres properly show off these much sought after awards?

Not any more.

We now supply badge display pockets and the Badge Stand: a small (1 x 1.5ft) counter top stand which neatly shows off the range of awards for sale.

It will increase visibility of the awards, enhance the awareness of the swim school and improve the sales and income they generate.

The pockets are available to purchase from Sportmax on an on-going basis and we offer a badge-bagging service to save you the time and hassle.

These stands are available to all leisure operators whether you are a Sportmax retail partner or not.

Download the details of the stand here or contact [email protected] for more details.