Pendle Leisure Trust

Location: Pendle, Lancashire

No of centres: 3

Sportmax client since: 2009

Services: Design, manufacture and installation of three completely unique and bespoke retail displays which are now into their third refurbishment. Supplied with wide and varied ranges of swim and gym products for retail. Only goods which are sold to customers are invoiced which means Pendle requires no retail budget whatsoever.

Key fact:One of Sportmax’s first English partners Pendle has gone from strength to strength with the popularity of Pendle Wavelengths and Inside Spa being a huge attraction to the immediate communities and beyond.

We have used Sportmax for a number of years now and found them to be very reliable and are good partners.

Their point of sale displays are very good and they are always improving and giving us advice.

They provide training and also do regular audits to keep us on our tiptoes.

We find their prices to be very competitive and have a good range of products.

Orders are easily received and we love the sale on return process.

We would happily recommend them to any other company.

Iqbal Quammer
Operational Manager