Highlife Highland

Location: Scottish Highlands

No of centres: 20

Sportmax client since: 2018

Services: Fully managed retail  service to all sports venues.

Key fact: It takes three and a half hours to drive from Sportmax to Inverness Leisure and then the same again to North Coast Leisure Centre, Bettyhill!

Sportmax have been great to work with. Very enthusiastic, good range of products and a willingness to go beyond their remit in terms of presentation and supply of goods. They helped us create a very attractive branded display which has been used throughout the Highlands in our Leisure Clubs and this has helped our sales develop very nicely indeed. The geographical area we cover is huge with a wide range of sizes of centres, so would present a challenge to any supplier, but they have risen to that challenge really well.

The Sportmax team is small, which has allowed them to be responsive and to build good relationships with the teams in our centres. Additionally having the goods on consignment has been a benefit to cash flow with no large up front purchases of stock. This also allows us to move stock around with non performing lines being able to be returned, so no obsolete stock, which will never sell, sitting gathering dust.

All in all I would wholeheartedly recommend Sportmax – they have made it easy for us – good product range, fair prices, great displays and nice people – a pleasure to work with!

Graham Cross
Commercial Manager