Claire Innes joined the Sportmax team in April to help us develop and grow our brand and her first task was to redevelop our website: We hope you like what she has achieved in our new site!

On Team Sportmax she has become “Communications Coach” – encouraging all of us to share more information about what we are doing and she’s spent the summer getting to know our clients and Team Sportmax so that she can help us to deliver our great customer service.

Claire has a professional background in retail banking and having worked in customer service and sales with Lloyds Banking Group for 18 years, she is proficient in finding solutions for your needs and managing effective relationships.

Claire may have thought juggling returning to work after becoming a Mummy a challenge, but we’ve thrown her in at the deep end and she’s been juggling learning about Team Sportmax, alongside covering for our Accounts Manager Kirsty, as she has now gone on maternity.

Claire was subjected to our Team SportMax Induction Q&A – you can read her answers below.

claire q&a