Edinburgh Leisure

Location: Edinburgh, Scotland

No of centres: 11 (including Royal Commonwealth Pool, Portobello Swim Centre and Ainslie Park Leisure Centre)

Sportmax client since: 2012

Services: Branded retail displays custom built for 11 centres offering a range of wet and dry sports products

Key fact: The Royal Commonwealth Pool has an annual footfall of around 750,000! Edinburgh Leisure has seen a 23% increase in cost of sales across all sites from 2012 to 2016.

“Edinburgh Leisure has partnered with Sportmax since March 2012, when they installed our retail display at the newly refurbished Royal Commonwealth Pool. Our retail income at the “Commie” in the first year of operation was double what we had seen prior to its closure. As a result of the performance there, we moved to expand our relationship with Sportmax to cover all ten of our “wet” sites. The relationship with Sportmax and Speedo has been a very positive and fruitful one for Edinburgh Leisure.”

Andrew Forrest
Commercial Development Manager